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Belgrade (RS)

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New Belgrade was built to be a capital of a new Socialist Country, and it is built to represent all the values of the new communist state – peace, brotherhood, equality. Ride through its wide and green boulevards and hear the story about complicated history of Yugoslavia. Marvel at the brutalist architecture of New Belgrade and see why they call it the concrete utopia. The tour ends, naturally, at the grave of Tito, first and lifelong president of Yugoslavia, which is now a Museum of History of Yugoslavia. The tour starts at our shop in Karadjordjeva 11, in the old town district. Your Yugo and driver will await you there. The tour lasts around 4 hours, and you have one drink included.

Once a fairground of a Kingdom of Yugoslavia and a symbol of progress and modernization. Built in the 30s, all major companies from all around Europe had their pavilions here. These pavilions got more sinister purpose in the WW2, when it was turned into concentration camps by the Nazi invaders.

The political heart and brain of Yugoslavia was SIV, the former Chief Executive Council of Yugoslavia. An impressive piece of architecture, overlooking (or being overlooked by?) the building of the headquarters of the Communist party. Nowadays it houses several government institutions, such as the Serbia’s secret police, so be careful while taking pics!

From the glory and splendor of the 70s to the decay and doom of the 90s, you have it all in this building; Welcome to the Hotel Yugoslavia. Once an example of the wealth and popularity, now a mere shadow of what it just to be. What were Richard Nixon, Queen Elizabeth and Tina Turner doing here? Why did Tito bring his favorite Hollywood movie stars here? And why did the Americans bomb it in 1999?

The prime example of the Brutalist architecture in the world – The Genex tower. More popular as the Western gate of Belgrade, built close to the highway to greet and impress the passengers coming from the Nikola Tesla airport to the city center. It is the tallest building in Belgrade, a twin tower, connected with a sky bridge and a rotating restaurant on top (which unfortunately, never rotated).

Yugoslavia was Tito and Tito was Yugoslavia. So when Tito died, Yugoslavia followed a decade later. Never in the history of mankind did so many heads of states show up at a funeral, reminding the world how much loved and admired the leader of this special country was. Now you have the chance to pay your respect to him. And take a peek into his life as a leader.

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To understand this region, you need to dive into its rich and complicated history. Our guides will help you do just that, from the seat of an old timer car – Yugo!


This tour focuses on Communist history of Yugoslavia. From its creation after World War 2, to its demise in Balkan wars of the 90s.


All our cars are old timers produced in Yugoslavia. Marvel at this technological wonders of the 70s, and see how they helped modernize a country and put it on wheels.


While these Brutalist buildings might seem cold and unfriendly because of all the concrete, New Belgrade was built according to the needs of the people. See what makes New Belgrade special.

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About Belgrade

About Belgrade

‘The New Berlin’. ‘Party capital of Europe’. ‘The Wild East’; Belgrade is called many names. But if you really want to know what makes Belgrade so special and why you need to visit it you will need to come over and experience it yourself. And give it a name yourself.

One thing is sure about Belgrade: it is the city of contradictions: it’s raw and elegant, it’s rich and poor, it’s exiting and boring, it’s moving forward and backwards, it’s the place people want to go to and want to leave from. And you can love it and hate it at the same time.

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