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Belgrade (RS)

Tour option: Private
  • 3h
  • Walking Tour
25 € / person

Ask anyone visiting Belgrade what’s the best thing about the city and you will get the same answer: its people. This tour is for all those who wish to taste the real spirit of Belgrade and skip the popular tourist places.

The walking tour starts in one the coolest corner of the city, Savamala, where we will see a lot of street-art while walking through small streets towards the center of town. On the way we visit the oldest candy-maker in town and taste some hand-made Turkish Delight. We will also taste the best hand-made chocolate and ice-cream later on the tour. In the heart of town you'll meet perfume-maker Nenad in his old laboratory /shop , where for generations his family is making perfume.

Next door is some of the best burek, a typical Balkan dish which we will taste before heading to the green market and get as local as possible. Maybe we’ll even find some under-the-counter rakia for sale. This local spirit is a must-try if you’re in Belgrade.  

During the tour you will learn where the hidden bars are which you should definitely see at night. At the end we will visit the Belgrade Design District, where you can meet designers and creative Belgradians who opened their own shops in this abandoned shopping center.

On the way we will also stop for a Turkish coffee. Basically, the exact tour is flexible and we will go to see those places and people most interesting to you. 

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About Belgrade

About Belgrade

‘The New Berlin’. ‘Party capital of Europe’. ‘The Wild East’; Belgrade is called many names. But if you really want to know what makes Belgrade so special and why you need to visit it you will need to come over and experience it yourself. And give it a name yourself.

One thing is sure about Belgrade: it is the city of contradictions: it’s raw and elegant, it’s rich and poor, it’s exiting and boring, it’s moving forward and backwards, it’s the place people want to go to and want to leave from. And you can love it and hate it at the same time.

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