Belgrade Riverside eBike Tour

Belgrade (RS)

Tour option: Private
  • 4h
  • e-Bike Tour
35 € / person

Many times what is most interesting is not the same as what is the most beautiful. This for sure is true for Belgrade. This tour visits the communist part of the city, New Belgrade. You will hear how recently Belgrade was the capital of a country that does not exist anymore, how it survived 3 months of bombings in 1999 and you will see some impressive concrete buildings. After that, you can relax at the beach and feel far away from the city buzz.  The stories, like on all tours, are told in a fun and interesting way without getting boring.

The tour will take about 4 hours and finishes at the Note shop.

The ride is mostly on bike-paths, so safe and easy and do-able for everybody who is used to riding a bike. With the ebike you will feel no wind or hills and don’t even sweat when it’s hot. 


  • Start at shop
  • Staro Sajmiste
  • SIV
  • Hotel Yugoslavia
  • Genex Tower
  • Ada Ciganlija
  • Drink at the beach
  • Belgrade Waterfront Project 

All about this tour



Enjoy the ride along  the impressive Danube and beautiful Sava


When the sun is shining the Belgrade beach is the best place to be


The best way to see the city is on two wheels without breaking a sweat


Hear and see the story of Belgrade in Yugoslavia

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About Belgrade

About Belgrade

‘The New Berlin’. ‘Party capital of Europe’. ‘The Wild East’; Belgrade is called many names. But if you really want to know what makes Belgrade so special and why you need to visit it you will need to come over and experience it yourself. And give it a name yourself.

One thing is sure about Belgrade: it is the city of contradictions: it’s raw and elegant, it’s rich and poor, it’s exiting and boring, it’s moving forward and backwards, it’s the place people want to go to and want to leave from. And you can love it and hate it at the same time.

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