Posted on Feb 10, 2020

Bike Tour along the Danube

Bike tour along the Danube is something that will leave an impression for life.

Wind in your hair, fresh breeze coming from the river, friendly people, good wines and scenic views all

around - no wonder bike trail along the Danube River is one of the most popular routes in Europe for

cycling lovers.

Bike holidays along the established bike routes are becoming very popular around the world and

especially in Europe that now has a very well developed system of bike trails under the name EuroVelo.

There are 16 long-distance EuroVelo cycling trails connecting and uniting the whole European continent.

Each route goes through numerous countries and has a different theme around it like 

Iron Curtain Trail, Pilgrims Trail and so on.

The Danube Bike Path

Certainly the most popular and one of the most beautiful bike holiday routes in Europe is the Danube

Bike Path included in the EuroVelo 6 route. The Danube route runs from the river's source in Germany

down to the Black Sea and it is about 2900 km long. On its way, Danube crosses half of Europe from

West, Central to East Europe connecting 8 countries.

What makes this route so popular is that it has quite a well-developed infrastructure and a nice flat

topography which makes it doable for all types of cyclists - from fit and sporty ones that can ride 

many kilometers daily to easy-going occasional riders.

Connects five European Capitals

Moreover, this bike trail connects five European Capitals - Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Belgrade and

Bucharest. Each of these cities, each quite different from the other, has a lot to offer - from museums,

cathedrals and churches, cultural sites to excellent gastronomy. The more east you go you can notice

the switch from the Austro-Hungarian heritage to its mix with oriental influences of the

Ottoman Empire in customs, food, and architecture. 

By doing the bike tour along the Danube you will also get a chance to

discover many Roman archeological sites, medieval castles, and some charming little towns.

However, the route does not lack natural beauties either. There are numerous natural parks and

reserves along the way that abounds in flora and fauna and provide a perfect backdrop for relaxed

cycling and stunning views. Some of the most famous ones are the Wachau Valley in Austria, 

the Danube Bend in Hungary, Iron Gates in Serbia and the Danube Delta in Romania.

Bike tour along the Danube

Many people divide their bike tour along the Danube into sections and they do one section each year

during their holiday. The best time to cycle is from April till the end of September. 

Part of the path from Germany to Budapest is the most popular especially the part in Austria which 

during the season receives around 300 cyclists daily. 

However the part from Budapest to Belgrade and further to Danube Delta is growing in popularity. 

Serbia has a very good signposting for the route and, in fact, some of the most beautiful parts

of the Danube bike route can be found in Eastern Serbia. Here you will find the famous

Iron Gate gorge and the Danube's widest and narrowest points. Here the river ranges from 6,5 km wide

at the Golubac Fortress to only 150 m shortly after at Great Kazan gorge. 

There are also numerous tour operators that opened up in the Eastern part of the Danube bike trail 

that can now assist you with the bike rental, bike tour organization, and other operations.

Bike tour along the Danube, second largest European river, is certainly an experience of a lifetime 

and an experience not to be missed by any cycling lover no matter if you do part of the bike trail 

or the whole route.