Posted on Feb 08, 2020

Bike holidays - fun and healthy way

Have you thought about bike holidays? 

There is a healthier and more fun break from driving on two wheels.

Biking is healthy, it is green and, above all, it is fun. With a turn towards a healthier lifestyle and 

growing concerns about global warming, cycling is becoming more and more popular around the 

world among people of all ages. Cycling is a sustainable means of transportation and a good way 

to stay fit and healthy while moving around a city.

Bike holidays

Some people have gone even further and moved beyond using their bikes only for everyday travel 

from home to work and made it into their means of transportation during the holiday time. 

Bike holiday is a holiday where the bicycle is used to cycle between destinations and explore 

a certain region either as a solo rider or as a part of a group. 

Such holidays are definitely growing in popularity, especially in Europe and North America. 

Numerous cycle paths and long-distance trails have been developed and bike tour businesses 

have opened up all over the world to cater to the needs of cycling tourists by training local

guides, providing bike rental services, equipment, information, and assistance. 

Moreover, electric bikes have made it easier for people of different levels of fitness to enjoy 

the beauty of a cycling holiday and a wide range of destinations.

Cycling holidays

Cycling holidays are becoming more specialized in order to satisfy different types 

of bike tourists and their needs. 

These are some of the main types of bike holidays:

- Road cycling holidays - holidays where normally racing bikes are used and 

are aimed at those who want to cover long distances and are fit enough to tackle some tough climbs

- Mountain bike holidays - riding through rough and rocky terrain with mountain bikes

- Leisure holidays - for people in between the first two categories who ride trekking or hybrid bikes that work both on and off-road.

You can always mix cycling with other activities such as wine and bike, cycling and wildlife or hiking and so on. 

If you do not want to hustle by taking your own bike with you, you can rent a bike at the destination.

If you do not wish to cycle alone you can always join some of the group tours that local bike tour operators have on offer or gather a group of friends and organize a private tour for your group. 

You can opt for a self-guided tour or tour with a guide, have your luggage transported from one accommodation to another, have a backup van that follows you along the route and assist you. 

The opportunities are endless really!

What are you waiting for?

Bike holidays have become so popular in Europe that a network of 16 long-distance cycling trails has

been developed that connects and unites the whole European continent under the EuroVelo brand.

Each route covers numerous countries and has a different unifying theme. 

The longest one is EuroVelo 13 route or the Iron Curtain Trail that stretches across the border 

that used to forcibly divide Europe into East and West from the Barents Sea to the Black Sea. 

And certainly one of the most popular and most beautiful routes you can tour is the bike tour along 

the Danube or the EuroVelo 6 route that connects Western, Central, and Eastern Europe by going from 

the Atlantic Ocean to the Black Sea.

So what are you waiting for? What will be your next bike holidays destination? ;-)