Posted in Uncategorized on Mar 21, 2020

Be safe and bike : Note and the Corona Virus

As the corona-virus keeps spreading everyday life as we know it as well as all travel & tourism came to a grinding halt. This has a huge impact on the societies where we are active as a company. To ease the burden where we can we are trying to help citizens as well as our staff members, who all feel the direct consequences and risk losing their jobs.

In order to help, Note Differently will offer its bikes for 1 Euro p/day to anybody who rents a bike for a month. Cycling is probably the best alternative for public transport at the moment and we hope that through this action we will be able to support people who need to go to work, take care of others and/or want to keep fit in a safe and responsible way. At the same time, it can help us from paying (part of) the rent and salaries.

Our shops are closed for daily business so please contact us through mail or telephone if you are interested in renting a bike. Our staff will be happy to help you while following all safety & health – regulations and your bike and lock will be disinfected beforehand. As a deposit, we would need a copy of your valid ID. The contact info for Belgrade and Budapest can be found here.

If you want to know what is the current situation in Vienna, Budapest or Belgrade, you can visit the following official websites:




 We hope to be able to get through this together with you and help where we can!

Stay safe!